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Efficient Supply Chain

Our digital platform enables customers and suppliers to seamlessly manage their entire logistics operations from RFQ to final destination. Providing live visibility of shipments across all transport modes and data analysis to make the right decision, that help customers cut down cost due to inefficiencies in the overall supply chain process making it more efficient and digital.
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Our Mission

Logicsols is a digital logistics solution provider on a mission to digitize the antiquated General & Break Bulk Cargo industry. Our philosophy is to provide digital solutions that enable customers to be proactive than reactive.

About Us

Founded by a group of supply chain veterans, that bring a wealth of knowledge to the break bulk logistics industry, with over 70 years of global logistics experience across diverse industries (Power Generation, Renewable, 2PL, 3PL, Automotive, Aviation and Retail).

Logicsols was created to digitize the end-to-end logistics operations processes, which is driven by technology and advanced notification data intelligence (ANDI). This enables our customers to eliminate waste, reduce cost and operate an efficient supply chain.

Our core belief is that logistics processes don’t need to be complex and can be simplified to the last detail by providing the technology of tomorrow, today. We want our customers to be proactive than reactive, helping them be competitive in the marketplace.

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